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For your comprehensive logistics needs in Bulgaria at the gateway to Europe, ACT Logistics, our esteemed group company, offers a multitude of advantages. Since 2004, ACT Logistics has emerged as a premier logistics provider in Bulgaria, delivering customized and integrated solutions encompassing land, air, and sea transport, warehousing, customs, and distribution services. With an extensive network of 28 regular groupage lines, guaranteed lead times, and a robust distribution network spanning across Bulgaria, ACT Logistics stands at the forefront of the industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Sofia, Ruse, and Varna encompass a vast total bonded and free warehouses area of 8800 m2, equipped to handle and distribute goods of diverse nature with utmost care. Backed by a team of dedicated experts fluent in French and Turkish, we take pride in working closely with each customer to craft tailor-made solutions that precisely align with their unique requirements.

With our Turkish-speaking team, we are fully prepared to tackle any logistics challenge you may encounter. Experience the difference with ACT Logistics today, as we pave the way for seamless and efficient logistics solutions.


Leading the way in groupage from Türkiye


Leading in Bulgaria-France groupage


Nationwide distribution and coverage of commercial centers


3 warehouses spanning 8800 m2


Fiscal representation expertise


Turkish-speaking team


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Strategic Warehouses

8800 m² of logistic space across key locations in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria and trade

Bulgaria's integration into the European Union in 2007 marked a significant milestone in its journey towards modernizing its economy and consolidating its democratic institutions. Situated at the crossroads between East and West in Europe, Bulgaria holds a strategic position that enhances its importance as a trading partner for EU countries and international counterparts alike. The country has made substantial investments in infrastructure to facilitate its exports and has fostered strong trade relations, particularly with Türkiye, through bilateral trade agreements.

Bulgaria offers a range of advantages for Turkish companies, including political and economic stability, competitive labor costs, and a favorable tax environment. These factors contribute to Bulgaria's appeal as an attractive business destination. The economic ties between Bulgaria and Türkiye have deep historical roots, leading to a longstanding tradition of trade cooperation. Over the years, the two countries have solidified their economic relations through the signing of multiple agreements aimed at strengthening their collaboration.

Türkiye stands as one of Bulgaria's key trading partners, with bilateral trade between the two countries experiencing significant growth in recent times. Bulgarian exports to Türkiye encompass a wide range of products, including chemicals, electronic and electrical equipment, metal products, and foodstuffs. Türkiye, in turn, exports manufactured goods, food products, and automotive goods to Bulgaria. Beyond trade, Bulgaria and Türkiye engage in cooperative efforts in critical sectors such as energy, infrastructure, and information technology.

By fostering a strong economic partnership and leveraging their complementary strengths, Bulgaria and Türkiye continue to strengthen their trade relations, unlocking new opportunities for mutual growth and development.

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Surface area 111,000 km2

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Population: 6,878,000

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GDP 2021: 84.06 billion USD



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