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Türkiye-France Trade: Key Exchanges

The Franco-Turkish relations, deeply rooted in history, have always been intricate and multifaceted. However, one of the cornerstones of this relationship remains trade. Both nations are significant trading partners for each other, and their exchange of goods speaks to the complementarity of their economies.

Key Products Exported by Türkiye to France:

Textiles and Clothing: Türkiye is renowned for its high-quality textile production.

Machinery and Equipment: A wide variety of industrial equipment and machinery are exported to France.

Agricultural Products: Such as fruits, vegetables, and other commodities.

Automobiles: Türkiye is a major producer and exporter of vehicles.

Key Products Imported by Türkiye from France:

Aeronautics: With giants like Airbus, France exports a wide range of aeronautical equipment and devices.

Pharmaceuticals: French pharmaceutical products are in high demand in the Turkish market.

Wines and Spirits: France, famous for its wines, finds a market in Türkiye.

Electronic Equipment: French innovations in electronics are valued in Türkiye.


The significance of trade exchanges between France and Türkiye showcases a strong and ever-evolving relationship. The traded products highlight the richness and diversity of their respective industries, showing how these two nations interact on the global economic stage.



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