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Türkiye-Bulgaria Trade: Key Exchanges

Trade relations between Bulgaria and Türkiye reflect a synergy and complementarity that have spanned ages. While the two nations have always shared cultural and historical ties, their economic relations, particularly in terms of goods exchange, have taken on a remarkable dimension in recent years. Let's examine how this trade shapes up through the primary products imported and exported between the two countries.

Major Export Products:

Petroleum Oils and Mineral Oils: These oils, widely used in various industries, are a major export item.

Copper and Scraps: Copper, essential in electronics and construction, is a valuable metal exported in large quantities.

Cars and Other Vehicles: Türkiye has emerged as a hub for automobile manufacturing and exports a wide range of vehicles.

Wires and Cables: These essential components are highly sought-after in the construction and electronics sectors.

Untreated Aluminum: Used across multiple sectors, from packaging to construction.

Automotive Spare Parts: The rising demand for automotive parts drives this export.

Rolled Iron and Steel Products: Essential in construction and various other industries.

Monitors and Projectors: Reflecting the tech-driven era, these electronics are widely traded.

Plastics and Plastic Articles: Pervasive in many industries due to their versatility.

Knitted Fabrics: A testament to the rich textile heritage of the region.

Major Import Products:

Copper Insulated Cables: Crucial for energy and communication.

Electrical Energy: Reveals the rising energy demand in an expanding economy.

Sunflower Seeds: For the food industry and sunflower oil production.

Motor Vehicles for Passenger Transport: Indicative of the growth in the transportation sector.

Rapeseed: Another essential for the food industry.

Cabins and Other Mountings: Important for construction and industry.

Rubber Pipes/Tubes: Used across various industries, from agriculture to mechanics.

Zinc: A valuable metal used in various applications.


The trade dynamics between Bulgaria and Turkey highlight mutual dependence and fruitful collaboration. The exchanged products not only reflect the resources and strengths of both nations but also their desire to grow and prosper together. In an increasingly globalized world, such bilateral exchanges stand as a testament to the power of regional cooperation.



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